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manufacturer G & C CO LTD

"Liquid heat dissipation-LED Lamp. Polymer compounds using eco-friendly companies. LED packaging continues research and development. Efficiency, performance, heat dissipation improve. Patent 12 cases, PCT 4 cases, KC, ISO 9001,14001 certified, high-efficiency certification. Completed the world's first liquid heat dissipation LED products. LED has now become one of the commonly-seen lighting solutions in our everyday lives. It has realized various functions and is applied to numerous products accordingly. Now, the competition areas that the LED market needs to win to secure a competitive edge are: energy efficiency, stability, and heat radiation. G&C Co., Ltd. has made great endeavors in developing products that are highly efficient, stable, and well-performing in heat radiation. Thanks to the numerous efforts, G&C Co., Ltd has finally developed “Fluid radiation LED”, which is an energy-efficient, stable, and well-designed LED lamp. Various types of green energies are lighting up numerous lights in 21st century. Yet, those energy sources will not provide the same quality at the same price in the future as they are now, because thermal radiation technology as well as designs of LED lamps is constantly making progress.

Consequently, the existing lights will have to give their ways to LED lamps. At the forefront of that move, “Fluid radiation LED” developed by G&C Co., Ltd will gain recognition as to the efficiency of its products in diverse areas, including household, businesses, and public buildings. By putting our heart and soul into the vigorous efforts we have been made, G&C Co., Ltd will become a leading LED manufacturer in the world contributing to the green future, thereby realizing a “World of light” that everyone dreams of."

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Country: Korea, South
City: Daejeon
Address: 407, 75 Techno 1-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Phone: +82 (042) 932-7763
Fax: +82 (042) 932-7764
E-mail: gncp@mir9.com
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